Draws can be found on Auckland Netball website    Click on ‘Play Netball tab’ and then ‘School Age’ and choose the year level for the team.  You will find the draw there

Year 3/4

  • Game times: Thursday 4.00pm | 4.55pm | 5.50pm
  • 14 minute skill session followed by a game
  • 5 v 5 (recommend 7 players per team)
  • Rolling subs
  • Played across 2/3 of a netball court
  • Play with a size 4 ball
  • Goal post 2.6m

Years 5-6

  • Game times: Thursday 4.00pm | 4.55pm | 5.50pm  |  6.45pm
  • 15 minute time on court for warm up followed by a game
  • 6 v 6 (recommend 8 players per team)
  • Rolling subsPlayed on a full size netball court
  • Play with a Size 4 ball
  • Goalposts at 2.6m
  • Games will be 32 minute duration – 4 x 8 minute quarters
  • Positions include 2 attacks, 2 defence and 2 centres
  • No results tables

Year 7 / 8

  • Game times: Tuesday 4.00pm | 5.00pm | 6.00pm|  7.00pm
  • 15 minute time on court for warm up followed by a game
  • 7 v 7 (recommend 10 players per team). GK, GD, WD, C, WA, GA, GS
  • Substitutions during an interval or when play has stopped for injury/illness
  • Minimum of half a game per game
  • Provide opportunities for players to play a variety of positions
  • Played on a full size netball court. Goalposts at 3.05m
  • Play with a Size 5 ball
  • Games will be 40 minute duration – 4 x 10 minute quarters
  • Scores taken for competition points table

Sports Academy

St Joseph’s Catholic School are very proud to offer this new initiative in 2018 to promote the health and wellbeing of our promising sports people.

The aim of the Sports Academy is to improve the fitness levels and skills of our students, which we know will benefit their chosen sports.

Our Sports Academy operates on Tuesday mornings at 7.45am.  They train for 30 minutes; after which they have breakfast together.

Sports Academy Notice

Rugby League and Netball Competition

Term 2 sees the introducation of a Rugby League and Netball competition between local schools, St Joseph Catholic, Te Papapa, Onehunga & Oranga on THURSDAYS @ 1.30pm.

This competition will give our students increased opportunities to be actively engaged in sport.

Rugby League and Netball Competition