Learning Intentions – Level 2
Learning Intentions – Level 3
Learning Intentions – Level 4
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Boy on a Bike

The main idea of this text is that Mac cycled the length of the North Island to raise
funds for St John ambulances.
What motivated Mac?
■ What problems and solutions arose as he went over the plan with his parents?
■ What was the compromise they reached? Why was it a compromise?

■ Using the map on page 4, a road map, and the Internet, find out the distances between all the places Mac passed through.
■ Mark the places and distances on a map of the North Island.
■ Add up all the distances. Do you get the same total as Mac (“over 1,300 kilometres”)?
■ If your total is different from Mac’s, why do you think that is? What information in the text helped you understand this?
■ What is your opinion of the journey Mac took? Explain your reasons.
■ Why do you think people take on challenges? What do you think they achieve?

  • identify the setting and the characters
  • list characters and their relationships
  • identify the main events and place them on a time line

Writers can convey a strong feeling or idea by using figurative language, such as similes and metaphors.

How could you describe the feelings behind a very happy smile? What similes or metaphors
capture those feelings?
■ How can you use different senses to give a strong feeling? For example, in this extract, the writer
uses the taste of a mango to help us understand the sound of Lagi’s name when he says it slowly
and proudly.
■ Try several examples to describe the same thing. Which one gives the strongest feeling?

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