Mangere Whanau

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It is important that we know our place, our land and as such we have gifted you the names of significant geographical landmarks of Onehunga – our maunga; Mangere, Rarotonga and Maungakiekie.

Mangere whanau –  Our Junior syndicate – Mangere is a mountain that protects its people from the wind the swirls around the township of Mangere; we, your teachers and and families are here to protect and guide you as you start your journey with us.

Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei. Which means “Aspire to the greatest heights, but should you bow, let it be to the loftiest mountain”

Cheryl Peters

Room 1 students have a positive attitude to each other and towards their school work.  They are learning we are a family in room 1 and at St Joseph’s school . If you ever have any questions about how things are going please feel free to contact me before or after school. I look forward to the year and hope between us we can make it a happy learning time for your child.

God Bless.

Veronica Walsh

Welcome to Room 3.  I am Mrs. Walsh, your child’s teacher for the year 2018.

Room 3 are a lively, energetic group of year 2s and 1s.  I believe that every child can unlock the key to lifelong learning success. For me, teaching is a calling and I strive to nurture confident learners by fostering a happy, creative learning environment.

Rebekah Vallabdas

My goal is to ensure every student in Room 4 has the best start. I love helping students lay the foundation for their lifelong learning journey and I strive to provide highly engaging, individualised and meaningful experiences. 

I have high expectations of my students and myself to achieve great success.

Judi Greenham

I am looking forward to giving your child the best education we can provide in Room 4.  I believe in securing successful outcomes for our children.

Kind Regards

God Bless