Sight Words
The sentence song
Alphabet sounds
Phonics Song
Sight Words
Rhyming words building song
TH song
PL song
FR song
TR song
CH song
BR song
Sight Words
The hissing bush
‘ed’ and ‘ing’ word endings
DR song
CH song
speech marks
Harry the Dirty Dog
Counting to Ten
Counting to 10
Counting Activitiy
Count to Ten Activity
Count 1 – 20
Numbers Activity
Counting Bricks
Numbers Train
Skip Count in 2s
Balloon counting to 20
Count by 2s Activity
Subtraction song
Tens Frame Activity
Addition Song
Seashell numbers game
Doubles song 1 – 5
Doubles song 6 – 10
100s board
What makes 10
Maths Bingo
Counting on Strategy
Counting back Strategy
2 times table song
5 times table song
10 times table song
multiplication game
Place value song
Base Ten Bingo
Addition Strategy (9 + 6)
Addition Strategy (23 + 40)
Subtraction Strategy (15 – 7)