Our Charter, Strategic Plan, Annual Plan & Annual MoE Report


St Joseph’s Catholic School



Charter, Strategic & Annual Planning

Table of Contents


Charter Structure                                                                 


Review of Annual Plan 2016                                              

Recognising N. Z.’s Cultural Diversity                   

  • Supporting Maori
  • Supporting Pasifika
  • Supporting Learners with Special Education Needs

NAGs Alignment Table                                                         

National Standards Report for 2016                     

MoE NAG 2 A (b) (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)                     

National Standards Targets 2016                

Notes on Variance

Strategic Plan                                                               

Annual Plan                                                                   

National Standards Targets 2017                          

Curriculum Focus Areas 2017

  • Effective Pedagogy in Oracy and Literacy
  • Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics

Effective Digital Pedagogy       


School Charter

Our charter sets the direction for our school. It reflects our vision and aspirations for the community we serve. 


Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan helps the board put into place actions over the next three years to help ensure the goals of the charter are fulfilled.


Annual Plan

The Annual Plan "fleshes out" what the principal, senior leadership team and staff will do to achieve the objectives of the Strategic Plan and Charter.

The Annual Plan includes targets for levels of achievement in Reading Writing and Maths. These are tracked by the senior leadership team and board through the year.

It also includes particular focus areas for the year.


Annual Report to Ministry of Education March 2017

The Annual Report to the Ministry of Education fulfils the board's obligations to the National Administrative Guidelines. It reports in detail on the progress and achievement from the previous year and provides an analysis of variance for the National Standards targets that were set.


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