Five Auckland Regional Finalists

Congratulations to FIVE of our intermediate ladies who have made it through to the finals of the Auckland Trash to Fash Awards. There were some 800 contestants in a variety of categories from all parts of the Auckland region. Caitlin has it through in the 'Unveiling Europe' section. Mary, Marry, Ofa and Michelle are four of the fifteen finalists in the 'Perfectly Pasifika' section. SJS are proud of their efforts and the staff who have supported them. We now look forward to the finals on 23/24 August at Corban Estate Arts Centre Henderson.

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An Excellent 2014 ERO Report 

The school has once again been placed on an extended 4-5 year review cycle, indicating confidence that St Joseph's has the ability to sustain and improve its performance  and innovative practice over this period.

Some points from the report:

  • The school has a positive reporting history.
  • The school’s promotion and response to student wellbeing is extensive.
  • School achievement information shows that over two thirds of students are consistently achieving at and above the national standards in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • The board, senior leaders and teachers use achievement information well to make positive changes for learners.
  • Students’ progress and achievement is closely monitored by teachers, senior leaders and the board.
  • There are high expectations and a shared responsibility for raising all student achievement.
  • Student enjoyment and engagement in the learning process is clearly evident.
  • Staff have high expectations of students and believes in them as capable, competent learners.
  • Students talk about their learning with confidence and support the learning of their peers.
  • Teachers and learning assistants have a shared commitment to and responsibility for student progress.
  • Significant developments in design and documentation have strengthened the school’s curriculum.

Minister of Education Congratulates Board and School

Hon Hekia Parata, Minister of Education, wrote to the board of trustees to comment on the school being placed on the ERO 4-5 year review cycle.

The Minister recognises the demanding criteria that need to be fulfilled to achieve a 4-5 year review. She congratulates the board and all involved in providing a high quality education for SJS learners.

More details on our 'ERO Report 2014' page