Enrolment Information

You are most welcome to visit our school to see the staff, pupils, facilities and programme in action.

Our Senior Leadership Team consists of the following experienced and approachable educational leaders:

  • Miss Valerie Anderson - Deputy Principal - Junior School Leader
  • Mrs Carolyn Massey - Assistant Principal - Middle School & Intermediate Leader
  • Mrs Pauline Calvert - Director of Religious Studies

Together with the Board of Trustees the Senior Leadership Team guide a successful school. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SJS Prospectus

Background information on the School and how it operates...


SJS Behaviour Guidelines

Expectations of students, staff and families...


SJS Charter

Sets the direction for the School...


SJS Student Dress & Appearance Policy

How we achieve a high standard of dress and presentation...


SJS Travelwise Information

Keeping our children safe on the way to school and after school.

The SJS bus route to and from Mangere and Mangere Bridge....