Mission Statement

St Joseph’s School exists to provide quality education within a caring community that models itself on the teaching of Jesus Christ and expresses itself through the traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our Vision

To foster faith, pride and excellence in everything we do for our students to become confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners and successful citizens.

Our Values

The school community is committed to providing a Catholic education that:
  • Strengthens Catholic Faith in our children and their families by living and teaching the Gospel values
  • Develops pride in our children
  • Seeks excellence
Mangere Whanau
Maungakiekie Whanau
Rarotonga Whanau
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Student Leaders

At St Joseph’s we value and are committed to providing a Catholic Education that strengthens, faith, develops pride and seeks excellence.
What a joy it was to present this years student leaders to our community at our recent Family Mass. A student leader is one who knows the way, is strong in their faith and in themselves, is confident and sets high expectations for themselves and for others, and always seeks to do their best.



The mercy value of respect is about recognising the gifts and talents of the people around you. It is also about being responsible for our own actions and our own choices.